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23 Wardrobe Staples Selling Out on Amazon

Keeping your closet well-stocked is never an easy process. Even if you’re not chasing trends, it can be hard to find everyday items that you truly love—especially if you don’t have time or incentive to spend hours perusing stores in person. Luckily, Amazon has made getting great clothes simpler than ever—with millions of reviewers singing the praises of the clothes they love, upgrading your wardrobe with confidence is as easy as clicking “add to cart.” If you’re looking to do a little closet catch-up, check out these Amazon clothing items that customers are loving right now—but don’t hesitate, because these pieces are selling out fast.

Best Life’s editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we’re hoping you’ll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn’t mean you’ll pay more for them (we’d never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece’s initial publication date, but it’s the internet and we can’t guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

1This workwear t-shirt

Black work t-shirt

There’s practically nothing in a man’s wardrobe that gets quite as much use as a high-quality t-shirt. This durable piece from Carhartt is both functional and fashionable, working just as well with a pair of sweats as it does paired with skinny jeans and a hoodie. The wide selection of colors also makes it an easy way to add some flair to your favorite outfits.$12 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

2This workout tank top

A black padded workout tank top

Whether you’re taking a jog through the park or signing up for remote yoga classes, feeling confident about how you look will make your sweat session feel that much more rewarding. This comfortable, breathable padded top will keep your workout look on point.$19 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

3This fleece sweatshirt

A green fleece crewneck sweatshirt

There are no two ways about it: owning the right sweatshirt is key to staying comfy, no matter the season. This crewneck fleece sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style—especially if you pick up a few in different colors.$9 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

4These sleek joggers

A pair of women's black jogger sweatpants

The search for the right athleisure wear can lead down a lot of dead ends. Luckily, these jogger sweatpants provide the stylish fit and cut you’re looking for while still being a great option both for hitting the treadmill and hitting the “play” button during a Netflix binge session. This pair even features multiple pockets to keep your phone and essential items within easy reach.$10 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

5These kid-friendly face masks

A set of 3 kids' face masks

Why not turn your required face mask into an opportunity to accessorize? Add some personality to your PPE by picking up some of these kid-friendly face masks, which feature everything from fun prints to funny phrases.$12AT AMAZONBUY NOW

6This v-neck shirt

A dark gray women's v neck shirt

Is there anything that’s as versatile as a v-neck t-shirt? With this piece, you can keep things nice and casual with a pair of jeans and flats, or dress it up with a gold necklace, blazer, and heels. The possibilities are endless—especially considering that there are 45 colors to choose from!$10 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

7These men’s jeans

Men's regular fit jeans

When it comes to “wardrobe staples,” nothing is quite as essential as a pair of jeans, and there’s no brand as beloved as Levi’s when it comes to denim. If you’re looking to find the right pair for you, the cut of this regular fit is the perfect starting point and is available in dozens of washes.$25 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

8This flowy dress

A black flowy dress

This pleated tunic dress is every bit as versatile as it is comfortable. It’s just as easy to wear to a casual party as it is to dress up for a work function—even if it’s just an afternoon Zoom call with your boss. And despite its summery look, it’s perfect for layering with a sweater or jacket for fall.$25 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

9These mesh shorts

Black mesh shorts

Whether you need something to wear to the gym or want something to throw on to wear around the house, quality shorts are a wardrobe staple that no man can ever have enough of. These breathable mesh shorts are an absolute must-have—they’re just as good for playing a pickup game with your friends as they for watching one on the couch.$9 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

10These women’s skinny jeans

Women's skinny jeans

No matter your style, the right fitting pair of jeans can elevate anyone’s look. These form-fitting skinny jeans contour perfectly, giving anyone who puts them on a custom-tailored look. The fact that they’re just $25 certainly doesn’t hurt, either.$19 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

11These work pants

white man in blue pants and vans

Want an on-trend look for less? Professional stylists have picked work pants as one of the hottest looks for men this fall. The casual-yet-unique cut and comfortable fit make them a surprisingly versatile piece of clothing—they even come in 18 colors!$17 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

12This comfy tunic top

An aquamarine tunic top

When is a comfy shirt more than just a shirt? When it comes pre-styled, like this genius piece. This tunic top takes the French tuck and makes it permanent with a twisted hem detail. It’s also one of the rare pieces in your closet that will look just as good with a blazer on the way to the office as it will with yoga pants on the way to your workout.$19 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

13These blue-light-blocking glasses

Tortoise shell blue light blocking glasses

The modern world is harsh on your eyes, especially with all the time you spend staring at screens. Give those peepers a little protection—and your look a boost—with these blue-light-blocking glasses, which filter out wavelengths that can cause strain or disrupt your sleep cycle. The best part? They also block harmful UV rays when you’re out and about.$17AT AMAZONBUY NOW

14This henley shirt

A grey henley shirt

Getting your wardrobe ready for fall? Add something to the hoodies in your rotation by picking up a henley, which provides a casual, sporty look with all the comfort of a sweatshirt.$10 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

15These gold hoop earrings

Gold hoop earrings

One of the quickest ways to elevate an outfit is to add the right accessories. In the case of jewelry, there’s practically nothing that can get the job done like a splash of gold. These chunky gold hoop earrings can help take your look to the next level in no time while setting you back just $14.$14AT AMAZONBUY NOW

16These men’s shorts

A pair of dark colored men's shorts

Just because fall is on the way doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for next summer. Take advantage of end-of-season surplus and pick up a few pairs of great fitting shorts that will be ready and waiting for you when the temperatures begin to spike next spring—or whenever you’re finally able to take a tropical vacation again.$12 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

17This short sleeve dress

white woman in green dress

Need to boost your wardrobe on a budget? This short sleeve dress is a must-have, adding a bit of bohemian flair to your look. It’s perfect for any casual outing, complete with convenient pockets and a cinched waist fit.$20 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

18These swim trunks

A pair of light blue men's swim trunks

Let’s be honest: You don’t usually replace your swimwear until it’s literally falling apart at the seams. Instead of waiting for your old suit to completely disintegrate, swap in a new pair of great-looking trunks for the next time the opportunity to take a dip presents itself.$9 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

19This v-neck blouse

A women's v-neck blouse

Whether you’re getting ready for a quick digital happy hour with friends or just need something to wear out to the store, having a lightweight blouse at the ready can be game-changing. This elegant-yet-slightly-boho piece is versatile and can easily be accessorized to get maximum mileage for a minimum price tag.$17 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

20This fleece hoodie

white man wearing black hoodie

Even professional stylists agree: the return of hoodie season is something to be celebrated. Make sure you’re prepared with a comfy pullover of your own; this one comes in 24 colors—enough to suit any style.$8 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

21These sculpting yoga pants

Women's yoga pants

Perfecting your pigeon pose? Then you’re going to need the right pair of yoga pants to keep you feeling free and flexible. This high-waisted pair comes in a wide variety of colors and also features sleek pockets that are great for stashing your phone when you’re on the go.$25 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

22These men’s slim fit jeans

Men's slim fit jeans

Jeans may be the ultimate wardrobe staple, but when they’re well fitted to your physique, they achieve an entirely new level of stylishness. Give your go-to casual look a boost by adding some slim-fitting denim to your dresser. This classic Levi’s cut will never go out of style, meaning you’ll never find yourself scrambling to find a new pair when yours wear out—you can even buy multiples in different colors and washes.$27 AND UPAT AMAZONBUY NOW

23This striped t-shirt

A women's striped and multi-patterned t-shirt

Love layered looks, but don’t want to overheat? This top gives you the look of three different stylish shirts, but the cool comfort that comes with wearing just one.

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